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Höga Kusten




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Höga Kusten

Far up in northern Europe is a place where 20,000 years nature's forces have shaped a dramatic landscape with the world's highest coastline. Mountains plunging straight into the depths of the sea in a way that leaves you breathless. Here, you will get to experience the real, unexploited, and genuine Sweden. Bold visitors can try fermented herring and climbing, but the High Coast of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia is more about harmony than adrenaline. Through endless opportunities to be active in nature with your loved ones, you will regain the strength to return to your urban, busy everyday life.

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Ulvön Island
Ulvön, 89399 Örnsköldsvik

Ulvön Island is one of the High Coast of Sweden's treasures. You reach the island by boat from Ullånger or Köpmanholmen. At the small harbour Ulvöhamn is a hotel, a few restaurants, a museum and shops. Further in on the island, there is a hostel and a few campsites with cabins. The old fisherman's chapel is also worth a visit.

Högbonden Island & Lighthouse
Högbonden, Nordingrå

At the very edge of the High Coast of Sweden, the dark rocks of Högbonden Island rise from the sea. The old lighthouse is perched at the top of the island, next to a steep descent. Högbonden is your go-to place for peace and quiet, and you are more than welcome to stay overnight at the hostel.

Brunnshusgatan 1, Härnösand

Väggivägg restaurant is a quality restaurant for gastronomic adventures. Top quality raw materials are the starting point for tasty and exciting dishes, and a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Linnea & Peter
Fabriksgatan 12B, Örnsköldsvik

At Linnea & Peter the menu is based on simplicity and quality, inspired by the High Coast of Sweden. No frills and fuss, and no fleeting trends. The raw material should speak for itself. It's also perfectly fine to just sit down at the bar and have a beer and some snacks.

Sundsvall–Timrå Airport (SDL)

The Sundsvall–Timrå Airport, also known as Midlanda, is located about 21 km north of Sundsvall, 8 km east of Timrå and 32 km south of Härnösand. For transportation to and from the airport you can hire a taxi or rental car.

Höga Kusten Airport (KRF)

The airport is located about 23 kilometers from Kramfors center and 35 kilometers from Sollefteå. For transportation to and from the airport you can hire a taxi or rental car.

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