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Höga Kusten

Far up in northern Europe is a place where nature's forces, during 20.000 years, have shaped a dramatic landscape with the world's highest coastline. Mountains plunging straight into the depths of the sea in a way that leaves you breathless. Here, you will get to experience the real, unexploited, and genuine Sweden. Bold visitors can try fermented herring and climbing, but the High Coast of Sweden is more about harmony than adrenaline. Through endless opportunities to be active in nature with your loved ones, you will regain the strength to return to your urban, pacy everyday life.

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Höga Kusten
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Ulvön, 89399 Örnsköldsvik

Ulvön island is one of the High Coast of Sweden's treasures. You reach the island by boat from Ullånger or Köpmanholmen. At the small harbor Ulvöhamn is a hotel, a few restaurants, a museum and shops. Further in on the island is a hostel and a few camp sites with cabins. The old chapel is also worth a visit.

Junsele Zoo
Slalomvägen 1, 88037 Junsele

At the western-most corner of lovely Ångermanland lies Junsele. A small village with character and exciting places to visit. One of them is Junsele Zoo. Here you'll find bears, wolfs, camels, tigers and many other interesting animals.

Brunnshusgatan 1, 87131 Härnösand

Väggivägg restaurant is a quality restaurant for gastronomic challenges. Top quality raw materials makes for tasty and exciting dishes and a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Ulvö Hotell & Restaurang
Ulvö Hamngata 105, 893 99 Ulvöhamn

The kitchen and restaurant at Ulvö Hotell has a preference for the local. The High Coast of Sweden has so many food craftsman and farmers that produces various crops and raw materials with an enormous passion. The kitchen at Ulvö Hotell has a great respect and love to all farmers and do their utmost to prepare each dish with respect and love.

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