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Spend your free days in southern Sweden, Blekinge, and be as born again. Head out into the unique, beautifully diverse nature. Discover the archipelago, the glittering lakes and the white sandy beaches. Explore the living history, enjoy the culture, the local food and the world heritage and the naval city of Karlskrona. Welcome to Blekinge, a small landscape with great experiences!

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Exclusive Glamping
Guöviksvägen 353, Karlshamn

"Like a wild African lodge in the middle of Blekinge". It is a telling description of the experience you encounter at Eriksberg. Here you can take time for recovery with the savannah as your nearest neighbour. Just outside the window are the wild animals and inside the warm room is reflected in the abundance of exotic animals.

A cultural treasure
Bergslagen, Ronneby

Ronneby has a beautiful Brunnspark but also a cultural treasure - Bergslagen. It is a real neighbourhood with buildings and street structure dating back to the Middle Ages. Here you can stroll in cultural-historical environments along narrow winding alleys behind the Holy Cross church with its vast collection of Renaissance art. Also, there are a home-built museum and art exhibitions at Ronneby Cultural Center in the area.

Pirgatan, Karlshamn

A small restaurant with great food prepared out of high-quality ingredients. The menu changes every week and can be onjoyed with wine from all over the World. There is a beautiful view of the harbor entrance to Karlshamn and Kastellet. Local ingredients with inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea gives you a flavour of Blekinge. Often the chef carries out and presents the dishes himself. The staff is young, extremely professional, friendly and talented and you can choose of sitting inside och outside. The conclusion is food with lots of love!

Hoby Kulle Manor
Hobykullsvägen 7, Bräkne Hoby

The magnificent Hoby Kulle Manor is located just outside Bräkne-Hoby. Experience the peaceful environment dating back to the 1600s. Treat yourself to a meal beneath the vines in the charming orangery, or shop for antiques an plants in the fram shop.

Kulturcentrum Ronneby konsthall
Kallingevägen 3 372 30 Ronneby

Visit one of Kulturcentrum Ronneby's many exhibitions, perfect for art fans! With an exhibition area of 1500 square metres, Kulturcentrum Ronneby is one of the largest art galleries in southern Sweden. The gallery is also used as a music venue, theatre and other cultural events. The building was built in 1907 and was then used as a warehouse for Kockums Emaljerverk (enamel works).

Ebbamåla Mill
Hovmansbygdsvägen 1, Ryd

Ebbamåla Mill outside Kyrkhult tells the exciting story of the industrial revolution in Sweden. It is about the contractors, the workers, the inventors, the engineers and the interaction between people and machines in an entire engineering industry from 1850 to 1950. The mill is award-winning and one of Europe's best-preserved.

Be inspired - visitblekinge.se
Blekinge, Sweden

Detours, sidetracks and reasons to change your plans completely - eveything you need to know before and during your visit, you can find on the website, all in one place and searchable. At visitblekinge.se you can find not only what you are looking for, but also what you did not know you were looking for. The entire county is at your fingertips - on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Denmark to Blekinge
CPH Central Station, Copenhagen

Take the Öresund Bridge over and two hours later you dip your toes in wonderful water. Car or book a train from Copenhagen Central Station.

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