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Are you flying from Stockholm Arlanda August 24-25? Please allow a little extra time!

Important announcements from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Are you flying from Stockholm Arlanda August 24-25? Please allow a little extra time!

Updated 8/23/2016 at. 6:53 PM
The Stockholm visit by the Vice President of the United States may affect other travel at the airport. There are no official times specified, but this will probably involve the late afternoon/evening of Wednesday and the afternoon of Thursday. The presence of Air Force Two is expected to have very little impact on other air traffic at Stockholm Arlanda. But there will be temporary stops in road traffic – on Route 273, at the entrance to the airport and on Highway E4 between the airport and Stockholm – in conjunction with the vice president’s arrival and departure. This means you should allow a little extra time if you are planning to travel on those days. The temporary stops in road traffic will also affect bus traffic within the airport; between longterm parkings, car rental center, hotels and the terminals.

Special needs and concerns when you fly

Flygplan i luften, sett underifrån mot blå himmel. FotografiYou’ll find important information here for people who have special needs or concerns when they fly – for instance, if you have a functional impairment and require assistance, if you have an allergy or are afraid of flying.

We at Swedavia want everyone to be able to fly. Therefore you can get extra assistance at the airport – so you can feel as safe and secure as possible. You can read more here about how our assistance service works and how to book, pack medicine, check in mobility aids and travel with an assistance dog, for instance. You can also read about how it works when your child travels unaccompanied and also get some tips if you are afraid of flying.  

There is also information available for people with impaired vision or hearing who would like to know more about how things work at airports and on board the aircraft – so you can best plan your trip. 

We hope this information will help make it easy and convenient for you to plan and carry out your journey.

Mention your needs or concerns when you book your flight

It is a good idea to mention that you have special needs or concerns when you book your flight and try to describe what you need help with. The earlier you inform us, the better prepared staff will be to assist you – both at the airport and on board the aircraft.