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Sweshop offers a first-class range of souvenirs, gifts and foods for everyone who wants to take a memory from Sweden with them or buy a gift.

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Sweshop has irregular opening hours at present.


Souvenirs and gifts that breathe the Swedish cultural heritage

The real Swedish icons are so much more than the country’s cities. They come in the form of snow-covered mountains and valleys, deep forests and the country’s nearly endless and ever-changing coastline. Sweshop exquisitely balances Swedish heritage with these icons of nature by offering a classic selection featuring Nordic wood, stone and textile patterns combined with a touch of glass (since ice and snow melt).

Outside the shop, you’ll also find a large Dala horse that changes colour and style through the seasons. Take the opportunity to get your Instagram photo here.

We look forward to seeing you!

7 dala horses in different sizes and colours on a wooden floor.