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Lost property

Here you will find information about lost properties.

Category: Other service

Property left at the airport

You can look for items found at the airport with the help of the search service Missing X:
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To pick up items, contact the Swedavia desk located in the domestic hall in the terminal. An administrative fee of SEK 60–250 kronor will be charged when an item is picked up. Card payment only.

Items left on Flygbussarna airport coaches

If you forgot something on the airport coach, contact Flygbussarna.
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Items left on the aircraft

If you forgot something on board an aircraft, contact your airline, whose handling agent is responsible for lost and found items.

Handling agents:
Menzies got.arrivalservice@menziesaviation.com
SAS-Sodexo http://www.missingx.com/

Telephone: +46 (0)31-94 25 73
Opening hours: Monday–Friday 12:00–15:00 

Telephone: +46 (0)31-94 75 91
Opening hours: for departures

Logo for lost and found

Lost property – airport bus

Before security

Opening hours:

Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00


+ 46 (0) 31 336 22 70