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Street art at Landvetter Airport connects Borås and Gothenburg when the cities turn 400 years old

2021-06-01, kl. 13:20

On Monday, a work of art, "Embrace for Landing", by the British artist D * Face was inaugurated at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport.
The mural painting is part of both Gothenburg and Borås' 400th anniversary celebrations and connects the cities, and the region as a world leader in street art.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of both Borås and Gothenburg. The cities now take each other by the hand through the artwork at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. At the inauguration, the artist D * Face is on site together with representatives from both cities, from Borås participates Ulrik Nilsson, the first deputy chairman of the City Council.

When travelers to the region arrive at the airport and leave the arrival hall at Landvetter Airport, they are met by the large mural by D * Face, who is one of the most renowned artists of our time in urban art.

About D * Face

It is the street art organization Artscape that has engaged the artist. The organization was also curators for No Limit in Borås 2020 and is behind a number of Art projects in both Borås and the Gothenburg region.

D * Face is from London is one of today's most renowned artists in urban art, on a level just below Banksy. A pioneer in the art form with works that can be found all over the world. D * Face's iconic pop art-inspired work is characterized by strong colors, graphic aesthetics and subtle satire in today's consumer society.

About "Embrace for Landing":

The pop art and 50s-inspired couple in D * Face's work at Landvetter Airport are constantly recurring protagonists in the artist's work. They hold each other, but their common focus is far away. What are they watching? Are they surprised, or scared, or are they simply delayed in their flight? The woman is wearing a wedding ring - are they married or is it a secret relationship? D * Face wants us to wonder and be curious. At an airport, you are surrounded by unknown people on your way somewhere, home or far away. All with a clear goal, which you will never take part in. D * Face wants to manifest that feeling of mystery on the concrete itself at Landvetter Airport.

The title ‘Embrace for Landing’ alludes to the term “brace for landing”, which is the instruction to passengers before an aircraft needs to land in difficult conditions. The title also refers to a previous collaboration between Artscape and D * Face where a work of art was created with the title "Last Embrace Before Departure".