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New bus route to Göteborg Landvetter Airport launched

2017-11-29, kl. 09:07

Beginning December 10, 2017, a new bus service, Route 612, will serve Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Local transport company Västtrafik's new bus route will run between Landvetter Travel Centre (resecentrum) and Göteborg Landvetter Airport with departures every fifteen minutes during peak traffic.

There will now be new and better options available for both employees and travellers to take public transport to and from Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The bus will stop at three places in the airport area – one on the new bridge at the airport entrance, one at the terminal entrance and one across from the terminal building.

"Even today, Göteborg Landvetter Airport is a major workplace, with some 4,000 employees working in around 100 companies. The development of the airport of the future now continues – an important step to meet the growth in western Sweden. The airport and Airport City are greatly expanding, which means improved public transport is greatly appreciated. We want to link mass transport on the ground with that in the air, national with international," says airport director Charlotte Ljunggren.

The development of Göteborg Landvetter Airport continues, and the airport is expected to have eight million passengers by as early as 2024 – compared to seven million today. Through Airport City, now taking shape at Göteborg Landvetter, an additional 10,000 jobs will be created in the vicinity, in areas such as logistics, retail and office operations. A brand-new city is coming into being – a city that needs mass transport.

More information about the new bus route is available on Västtrafik's website