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The range of stores at Landvetter is being expanded and renewed

2023-06-28, kl. 15:07

This summer, the range of shops at Göteborg Landvetter Airport will be revitalised. Two major additions are a new electronics store and a brand-new souvenir shop with a focus on Nordic handicrafts and gifts.

There has been a lot of construction hoarding set up at Landvetter, but now much of it will soon be removed with the revitalisation of shopping options available at the airport. In its strategy for Landvetter, Swedavia wanted to update the existing range of options with an expanded offering in travel essentials such as a kiosk, books and souvenirs. Swedavia is also adding slightly more enjoyable shopping options, which will make passengers want to shop, mostly in its offering of fashion and beauty products.

Eton, a Swedish retailer of men’s shirts, was the first to open after moving to a newly refurbished shop. A wide selection of shirts and accessories can be found for those interested in fashion.

Among the new outlets opening at Landvetter is the souvenir store Sweshop. At Sweshop, passengers can find gifts, souvenirs and food products made Sweden – a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to take back a memory of Sweden as a gift. The shop celebrates Nordic handicrafts, culture and heritage and will feature modern design. Sustainability has also been taken into account in the choice of Swedish textiles, furniture and housewares. The plan is for Sweshop to open in early July.

Another new addition is InMotion, which sells the latest in electronics such as headphones, mobile phones and smartwatches. Travellers can browse among the different gadgets from Apple, Samsung, Bose and many other brands. InMotion will open its doors this summer.