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Byzantine churches, Roman constructions, Muslim buildings, modern architecture, intensive nightlife and stunning beaches - this is the essence of Thessaloniki. Being the second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki combines more than 2,300 years of history with every facility and excitement that a modern European city can offer a visitor.
Landvetter - Thessaloniki
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The White Tower

The White Tower is a widely known symbol of the city and a point of reference for locals and visitors. It stands next to the sea front of the town as a reminder of old times. In the 19th century it was a prison and nowadays it’s a museum of art and history.

White Tower, Thessaloniki
Ladadika Quarter

The area from Koudouriotou to Diamanti streets and from Hiou to Lemnou streets is known as Ladadika. This is an old quarter, with narrow pavements and neoclassical buildings. Here you will find plenty of bars, restaurants and the Museum of ancient Greek and Byzantine instruments.

Ladadika, Thessaloniki

The Macedonian airport, at the area of Mikra, is the second largest airport of Greece and is linked with most destinations of Europe and the Balkan countries. To get from the airport to the centre of the town will take you from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the traffic. You can go to the centre of Thessaloniki using bus number 78. It runs every 45 minutes and it takes approximate 45 minutes.

Thessaloniki Airport, Thessaloniki
Public Transport

You can cover most of the distances in the city by foot or using the local buses. Tickets can be bought either at the kiosks or from the vending machines on the bus. If you buy the ticket on the bus, remember to have coins. All tickets must be validated and are useable for 70 minutes. Different kind of day passes are also available.