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Pisa is strategically located in the central part of Italy. It is only 12 km from the Ligurian Sea, 20 km from the harbour of Livorno and the ferries heading to the Elba Island, Sardinia and Corsica and 80 km from Florence. This city is closely associated with the Leaning Tower. But Pisa also preserves, with the whole complex of Piazza dei Miracoli - cultural patrimony of all humanity - and its medieval centre, numerous masterpieces of architecture and medieval history. The area around Pisa is also excellent for farm-holidays, trekking, beaches and water sports on the Versilian coast.
Landvetter - Pisa
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Orto Botanico

The Botanical Garden was established in 1544 as the first university botanical garden in Europe, and entrusted to the famous botanist Luca Ghini. The garden is divided into sections containing the botanical school, gardens, ponds, greenhouses and various buildings. Major collections include herb gardens and arboreta, as well as the old botany institute of late 16th century, with a façade ornamented with sea-shells.

Via Luca Ghini, 5, Pisa
Torre Pendente (The Leaning Tower)

One of the most outstanding architectural structures from medieval Europe and due to the human mistakes, the leaning Tower is today the famous landmark of Pisa. It is the bell tower of the Cathedral and its construction began in 1173 and continued for over two centuries. This miscalculated eight story building has a lean of 5,4 meters. Without a doubt this popular tourist attraction is a "must" when visiting the city. Don’t forget the camera since this is the perfect place to take some amazing and hilarious photos.

Piazza Arcivescovado 6, Pisa
Galileo Galilei International Airport

Pisa International Airport “Galilei” is located only 1 km from Pisa Centrale Railway Station and the town centre. The airport has a railway terminal outside the departure hall. Passengers can buy railway tickets at the information office (check-in hall). Direct railway lines connect the airport to Florence and Pisa Centrale Station. It takes only 5 minutes to reach Pisa city centre by train and the ticket costs €1.40 for a one-way journey. CPT (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti) connects the Airport to Pisa town centre every 10 minutes by LAM bus marked in red colour. The bus terminus lies outside the Departure area. The LAM bus crosses the Arno river over Ponte Solferino, drives to the Miracles’ Square and the Leaning Tower with stops at Pisa Centrale Railway Station, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Riversides and hospital. A one way ticket costs €1 and is valid for one hour. Remember that you have to buy the ticket before boarding and then validate it on the vehicle. There are also several taxis outside the terminal and from the airport to the city centre the fare starts at €6.

Piazzale D'Ascanio, 1, Pisa
Public Transport

Pisa is a small city, hence the best way to see it is on foot. The company which operates Pisa’s local transport system is CPT (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti) and its information office is in Piazza S. Antonio, 1. A bus ticket is valid for one hour and you can buy it either before boarding the bus or from the driver. It is cheapest to buy it in advance though. You always have to validate the ticket on board the vehicle. Tickets can be purchased at the airport, tobacconist’s, newsagent’s, at the bus terminal in Piazza S. Antonio (near Pisa Centrale Railway Station), where bus connections leave to the seaside (Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia), to the surroundings and to Pontedera. Local, interregional, Intercity and Eurostar trains stop at Pisa Centrale Railway Station, connecting Pisa to the main Tuscan and Italian destinations. Train tickets are sold at the ticket office, for short tracks up to 20 km also at the newsagent’s. Self-service ticket machines can also be found in the station.

Piazza S. Antonio, 1, Pisa