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Swedavias rules for social media comments

Everyone should feel free to comment in our social media channels. We take an active responsibility for ensuring that the discussions in the comment field maintain a good tone, are constructive and fact-based, but also that that we approach the conversation with different assumptions. We therefore have rules for social media comments that everyone must comply with. Postings on social media that violate our rules will be deleted and/or reported to Facebook. Postings that violate the law – for example, threats or incitement to racial hatred – may be reported to the police. When you comment in our social medial, you are responsible for ensuring that your comments comply with the laws and rules in effect.

Someone who repeatedly violates our rules on social media comments can be blocked from making further comments in our social media.

Our rules

1. We do not allow comments that violate Swedish law and good practices.

This means that a comment may not contain insults, slander, incitement to racial hatred or other intimidation, for example, racism, sexism or other offences. These comments will be deleted and/or reported to the police.



2. We do not allow personal attacks.

We do not allow any personal attacks or offensive, insulting, abusive or disparaging generalisations of individuals or groups.

3. We do not allow any speculation or misleading information.

We delete comments that contain lies, rumours, speculation and manipulated pictures/videos.

4. Use reference sources.

To make discussions as fruitful and constructive as possible, we want assertions to be supported by facts and sources, for example, with a link to the source. If you claim something is a fact and cannot show where the information comes from, your comments may be deleted. However, we do not allow the posting of links without a context.

5. Ads and spam are not allowed.

It is certainly OK to express political views, but advertising for commercial products and events or links to pages for political parties or issues are not allowed. Nor do we allow spam – that is, repeated comments with the same or similar content, regardless of whether it involves links, comments, emojis, pictures and/or videos.

6. We do not allow dehumanising comments.

It is not allowed to write comments such as a particular individual or group does not deserve to live, is worthless, scum or vermin.


We refer general views or questions to: Customer feedback | About Swedavia

If you would like to contact our customer service, you can do so by phone at +46 (0)10-109 10 00 or email at info@swedavia.se