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Passengers donated SEK 2.5 million to the Red Cross

2016-03-22, kl. 11:21

Swedavia’s partnership with the Red Cross has been a success. In 2015, passengers and employees at the Group’s airports made contributions totalling SEK 2.5 million to Red Cross operations.

Swedavia and the Red Cross have had a close collaboration for many years which entails, among other things, the possibility of depositing foreign currencies in special collection boxes at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport. Furthermore, items left behind at the airport, after three months, are handed over to the Red Cross for sale, while clothing drives involving airport employees are also held. 

“Every day, 100,000 passengers fly at our airports, and our partnership with the Red Cross enhances the airports as modern meeting places. We would like to give a big thank you to both passengers and employees for this success,” says Karl Wistrand, chief executive of Swedavia.

“Our partnership has been expanding the entire time, with both parties now contributing to each other’s knowledge, especially in preparedness and crisis work. We would like to thank all the passengers and Swedavia employees who helped enable us to carry out humanitarian assistance efforts internationally,” says Morgan Olofsson, Director of Communications and Fundraising at the Swedish Red Cross.

In 2015, this partnership enabled a SEK 2.5 million contribution to Red Cross operations. Of this amount, SEK 1.6 million came from foreign currency donations and SEK 900,000 from items left behind and clothing drives.

In recognition of Swedavia’s commitment, Swedavia’s chief executive, Karl Wistrand, received a diploma from the Red Cross’s Director of Communications and Fundraising, Morgan Olofsson, at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In conjunction, the Red Cross also presented some aspects of its operations by enabling airport visitors to follow their work virtually.