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Passenger statistics for Swedavia, May 2018

2018-06-05, kl. 16:24

A total of 3,830,000 passengers flew to or from Swedavia's ten airports in May 2018, which is a 1 per cent decrease compared to the same period in 2017. The number of international passengers was up 1 per cent to 2,535,000 while the number of domestic passengers was down 4 per cent to 1,295,000.

An airplane has just lifted and one taxi out on the Arlanda launcher

At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, passenger volume was 2,428,000, which is on a par with the figure for the same period last year. At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, passenger volume increased 1 per cent to 613,000.

Small changes in passenger volume compared to the same period last year were also noted at Swedavia's eight other airports.

Traffic statistics in Swedish.