A total of 2,770,000 people flew to or from one of Swedavia’s airports in February this year, which is about 242,000 more than for the same month in 2015.

Both domestic and international air traffic were up – 1,093 000 people flew domestically, a 10 per cent increase compared to February last year. Some 1,677,000 people flew internationally, which was a 9 per cent increase.

Traffic was up at nine of Swedavia’s ten airports* in February 2016 compared to the same month last year. Some had increases of more than 10 per cent: Bromma Stockholm 12 per cent, Göteborg Landvetter 11 per cent, Malmö 16 per cent and Ronneby 14 per cent. At Stockholm Arlanda, traffic was up 9 per cent in February.**

The year got off to a strong start at Swedavia’s airports in terms of air traffic. During the first two months of 2016, passenger volume increased 7 per cent to almost 5,376,000 people. The number of landings in scheduled and charter operations at Swedavia’s airports for January and February was just over 32,000, a 5 per cent increase compared to the same months in 2015.

Notable figures in February 2016:

  • Passenger volume increased at nine of Swedavia’s ten airports
  • At four of the airports, the increase was more than 10 per cent compared to February 2015: Bromma Stockholm (12), Göteborg Landvetter (11), Malmö (16) and Ronneby (14).
  • International traffic increased sharply at Malmö (+20 per cent), Göteborg Landvetter (+10 per cent) and Stockholm Arlanda (+9 per cent).
  • Domestic traffic increased at nine of the ten airports. The biggest increases were at Åre Östersund (+15 per cent); Göteborg Landvetter, Malmö, Ronneby (+14 per cent); and Bromma (+13 per cent)

* A slight decrease was noted in Kiruna, -4 per cent.
** The fact that February 2016 had an extra day had somewhat of a positive effect.