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Milestone in Stockholm Arlanda's development - new Marketplace and security check-point officially inaugurated

2023-10-11, kl. 09:39

On Tuesday, October 10, Stockholm Arlanda Airport's new 11,000 square-metre Marketplace and the airport's new, faster security check-point at Sweden's largest airport were inaugurated, with speeches by Swedavia's CEO, Jonas Abrahamsson, and Andreas Carlson, Sweden's Minister for Infrastructure and Housing.

Together, the development work, including a new security check-point and a Marketplace, is the largest investment ever at Stockholm Arlanda and will contribute to a significantly improved passenger experience for the airport's passengers.

"Sweden's need for exchange with the rest of the world will always be great, and that requires a strong Stockholm Arlanda. A strengthened commercial offering is not only important for the passenger experience – it also contributes significantly to our ability to maintain competitive airport charges. At Swedavia, we are proud that today we have the great pleasure of officially inaugurating two milestones in the development of Sweden's largest airport, our new security check-point and the first phase of the new Marketplace. Together, they contribute to a markedly improved experience for Stockholm Arlanda's passengers," says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's president and CEO.

In addition to Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's president and CEO, Sweden's Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, Andreas Carlson, participated in the inauguration, which took place around Stockholm Arlanda's new Marketplace in Terminal 5 on Tuesday, along with leading representatives from the aviation industry and regional business, including Andreas Hatzigeorgiou CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Susanne Andersson, CEO of Visit Sweden, who each spoke about what Swedavia's major investment in Stockholm Arlanda means for Stockholm, the region and for the whole of Sweden, with an improved passenger experience and, in the long run, improved accessibility.

"Stockholm Arlanda Airport is by far Sweden's largest airport, with an extensive network of national and international routes. The airport ties the country together and is of great national importance. It holds both a very important role in the Swedish transport system and is a growth engine for the Swedish economy. The investments in the new Marketplace and security check-point are future-oriented and contribute to the development of Stockholm Arlanda as an airport, " says Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing.

The investment in the faster security check-point, which since the opening last summer has resulted in significantly shorter waiting times at the security check-point for Arlanda's passengers, together with the new 11,000 square-metre Marketplace and a new commercial offering for Swedavia's airports, is the largest commercial investment to date for Arlanda's passengers. The purpose of the investments is to develop Stockholm Arlanda for today's and tomorrow's passengers, thereby enabling a more efficient and inspiring start to the journey from Sweden's largest airport.

Since the opening of the new security check-point in Terminal 5 at the beginning of the summer, which was carried out with excellent results, more than 2 million passengers have passed through the security check-point in an average time of about 5 minutes and contributed to significantly reduced waiting times at the security check-point at Stockholm Arlanda.

"Our largest investment to date in Stockholm Arlanda, which we have invested in to be able to offer a more efficient and inspiring airport, strengthens Sweden's long-term competitiveness. Of course, it feels very positive that we have reached these milestones, the opening of the Marketplace and our new security check-point, which are important steps in Stockholm Arlanda's long-term development. The investments at Stockholm Arlanda are fully in line with Swedavia's connectivity mission, which both strengthens the country's position and the Swedish economy and contributes to the creation of more jobs," says Jonas Abrahamsson.

With the new Marketplace, Stockholm Arlanda's passengers will have a completely new range of commercial offerings, including restaurants and shops. A total of 40 new concepts will be opened from this autumn to 2025, in several stages. A total of 120 new procurements have been made for Swedavia's airports to a procurement value of SEK 10 billion.

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