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Connect Sweden launches ambassador series with The Local

2015-03-04, kl. 09:03

Connect Sweden, a collaborative effort to strengthen Sweden’s international air links, is collaborating with The Local, Sweden’s largest English-language news channel, to put further emphasis on the importance of international connectivity.

Banashri Bose Harrison, India’s ambassador to Sweden; Michael Treschow, chair of Unilever; Peter Gudmunson, president of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Emy Blixt, designer and founder of Swedish Hasbeens; and Isabelle Ducellier, CEO of Pernod Ricard in Sweden are just a few of the notable names featured in Connect Sweden’s upcoming “ambassador” article series about connectivity and Sweden’s place in the world to be published on The Local starting on March 4th.

Launched in October 2013 to support the launch of new direct routes to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Connect Sweden is headed up by chairman Jacob Wallenberg and backed by representatives from the Swedish business community, the city of Stockholm, and several other national and regional organisations, together with Swedavia.

In the series’ first article, India’s ambassador warns that a lack of connectivity threatens the potential for cooperation between companies from India and Sweden.

"For these companies to work together they need to first know about each other, and be able to visit each other,” Bose Harrison tells The Local. “It’s not the physical distance itself, but the lack of connectivity which naturally leads to a complete lack of awareness.”

The articles in the Connect Sweden ambassador series were produced by The Local’s Commercial Content Unit, an in-house communications and content agency led by David Landes, former editor of The Local’s Swedish edition, thelocal.se.

“Every month a million people all over the world read The Local and Sweden’s connectivity and place in the world is extremely relevant to them,” says Landes. “It’s fitting therefore that Connect Sweden has turned to us to help deliver their message about connectivity to our international audience through insights from some of Sweden’s most interesting and influential people.”

Click here to read the full interview on The Local.