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Board of Directors

Åke Svensson

Åke Svensson Chairman of the Board (elected 2016), chairman Remuneration Committee

Other Board duties: Board member Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA), Business Sweden, ICC Sverige, Vetenskap & Allmänhet (chairman)

Work experience: Chief executive officer

Karin Apelman. Photo: Peter Knutson

Karin Apelman Board member (elected 2010), chairman Audit Committee

Born: 1961

Other Board duties: Swedish Export Credit Corp (SEK) (until April 29, 2011), EKN (Swedish export promotion agency); financing delegation for Swedish Radiation Safety Authority; advisory council for Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

Education: BS in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Work experience: Director-General, EKN. Formerly CFO, Luftfartsverket; Deputy CEO, Saab Aircraft Leasing; Manager Leasing and Project Financing, Scandinavian Airlines Sweden.

Adine Grate Axén. Photo: Peter Knutson

Adine Grate Axén Board member (elected 2010)

Born: 1961

Other Board duties: 3 (HI3G Scandinavia), AP7, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB and Sampo Oy.

Education: BS in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics; Executive MBA (AMP), Harvard University.

Work experience: Chairman NASDAQ OMX Listing Committee. Formerly Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Investor AB; Vice President Corporate Finance, Gota Group and Hägglöf & Ponsbach. Formerly member of Swedish Securities Council, Carnegie Investment Bank AB, Gambro AB, Grand Hotel Holdings, Ericsson Project Finance AB, EDB ErgoGroup A/S, Spray Ventures BV, Swedish Industry and Commerce Stock Exchange Committee, Government Council for Reduced State Ownership.

Lars Backemar. Photo: Peter Knutson

Lars Backemar Board member (elected 2010)

Born: 1950

Other Board duties: Backemar Consulting AB (chairman), City i Samverkan AB (chairman), Villa Azur AB (chairman), Arosgruppen Fastigheter Fjärdingen AB, Arosgruppen Holding AB, Fastighets AB Velocipeden and Fresh Food Support Sweden AB (deputy).

Education: Business administration and marketing, Köpmannainstitutet, Stockholm; marketing and consumer policy, Uppsala University.

Work experience: Senior Advisor, Backemar Consulting AB. Formerly various executive positions at Jones Lang LaSalle; CEO and Business Area Manager, NK fastigheterna Stockholm and Gothenburg, Huvudstaden AB; Director of Properties, NK Cityfastigheter.

Anna Elgh

Anna Elgh Board member (elected 2010), member Audit Committee

Born: 1963

Other Board duties: -

Education: Master's of Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; Executive MBA, Instituto de Empresa Madrid.

Work experience: Business Area Manager, Elder Care Private Management, Carema Care. Former Vice President, Supply Chain and Group Logistics Director, Lantmännen; Supply Chain Director SAS Component; various executive positions at Svenska Statoil AB.

Lottie Knutson

Lottie Knutson Board member (elected 2010)

Born: 1964

Other Border duties: Border member H&M AB and Stena Line BV.

Lotta Mellström

Lotta Mellström Board member (elected 2015)

Born: 1970

Other Border duties: Board member AB Svensk Exportkredti, Specialfastigheter Sverige AB

Lottie Svedenstedt. Photo: Peter Knutson

Lottie Svedenstedt Board member (elected 2010), member Remuneration Committee

Born: 1957

Other Board duties: MiL Institute (chairman), Clas Ohlson AB, Stampen AB, Global Employees Partner AB, Byggmax AB, ITAB Shop Concept AB, Thule Group AB, Mktmedia AB, Mediebolaget Promedia i MellanSweden AB, Liberala Tidningar i MellanSweden AB and Vanna AB. Education: Law degree, Uppsala University.

Work experience: Formerly CEO, Kid Interiör A/S; Business Area Manager, IKEA of Sweden; Deputy General Manager, IKEA Systems BV; CEO, Inter IKEA Systems A/S; Regional Director, H&M AB.

 Lars Mydland

Lars Mydland Board member (elected 2014)

Born: 1954

Other Board duties: Mydland Ehrling AB (chairman), SESAR Performance Partnership (SPP).

Education: Fighter pilot training, Norwegian Air Force.

Work experience: Fighter pilot and officer Norwegian Air Force; airline captain at Scandinavian Airlines; CEO SAS Flight Academy AB; Special Adviser to Managing Director of Veling Ltd.; Senior Consultant at IATA.

Lars Andersson. Photo: Peter Knutson

Lars Andersson Employee representative (elected 2010)

Born: 1953

Other Board duties: Chairman of SEKO Group trade union, Swedavia.

Education: First repairman.

Robert Olsson. Photo: Peter Knutson

Robert Olsson Employee representative (elected 2010), employee representative Remuneration Committee

Born: 1966

Other Board duties: Section Chairman, Swedish Union of Civil Servants.

Education: High school, Trade union training etc. Safety officer/security guard, Swedavia.


Agne Lindbom Deputy

Born: 1961


Michael Siönäs Deputy

Born: 1952