Smooth meetings at Umeå Airport

At Umeå Airport there are four conference rooms accommodating up to 75 people.
Conference room with table, two people, coffee cups

The conference floor is located in the airport building which allows proximity to the check-in hall, gates and shopping. We offer lunch, different sandwiches or different pastries. Booked at an additional charge for the premises upon request. Drink and refreshments can either be served in the conference room, the airport restaurant or in the Cabin Lounge which is located next to the conference rooms.


Cockpit is a smaller, but still fully equipped conference room for two to six people. The room has views of both the runway.

12.5 square meters


Cessna is a training and conference rooms in peaceful environment. The room, which fits eight to twelve participants, is furnished in the boardroom.

29.5 square meters

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay is a large and fully equipped conference room with great opportunities for both traditional conference and minor events. The room can accommodate up to 75 people but the standard furnishing approximately 18–35 people.

121 square

Concorde VIP

Concorde VIP has a fantastic view of the runway. The venue is suitable for 12–20 people in board meetings.

49 square

Regular opening hours
Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00

Phone: +46 10 1095006