About the airport

Umeå Airport's first flight took off in December 1961, but the airport was inaugurated in May 1962. Since then, the airport has continued to develop both in terms of its buildings and passenger numbers, but also due to the fact that many airlines have chosen to serve Umeå.

Umeå Airport has a unique location due its proximity to the centre of Umeå. Over the years, it has experienced a number of reconstructions and extensions, and during 2008 the airport underwent yet another comprehensive rebuild when the airport terminal was renovated.

Facts about the airport

Number of passengers 2019
473 497

Number of destinations
More than 11

Year inaugurated

Length of landing runway       
2,500 metres

Terminal area 
5,600 square metres

Number of companies at the airport 
About 10

Total number of employees 
More than 100

Travel time from city centre 
Ten minutes 

Travel time from Åre
One hour