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Park your bike at Umeå Airport

Bromma Stockholm Airport has invested in a facility for people who want to cycle to get to the airport. It is convenient to cycle to the airport and the bicycle parking makes it even easier if you are cycling.

Frequently asked questions

How far is it to the airport?

Umeå Airport is located just four kilometres from the city centre, and it is easy to bike to the airport.

Is there a bicycle garage at the airport?

Yes, there is a bicycle garage which has some 140 spaces, with 40 of these in a heated section. Riders can also fill their tyres with air.

Is parking free?

Yes, you can park for free in the bicycle garage that offers protection against the weather. However, there is a time limit of one month. If the bike is there longer than a month, the police will bring it to the Lost and Found office.

Is the bicycle garage locked?

The garage is not locked, so be sure to lock your bike to the bike stand. To make entry/exit easier, the door to the bicycle garage can be kept open.

The airport is not liable for missing items.

Is there storage in the bicycle garage?

Yes, there are storage boxes where riders can store their helmets and outerwear. Bring your own padlock for the storage box.

The airport is not liable for missing items.