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Information and General Terms and conditions for pre-booking of parking at Swedavia

These general terms and conditions apply when private individuals pre-book a parking space in one of Swedavia AB's parking facilities.


Reservations can be done either online at www.swedavia.se or using our mobile app, which can be downloaded via The App Store or Google Play.

Besides the General terms and conditions specific terms and conditions for the parking product of your choice may apply.


Swedavia: Swedavia AB, 556797-0818, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden

The Customer: The person entered as the customer in the booking dialogue.

The above are also called the Party or together, the Parties

Booking dialogue: The reservation system on Swedavia's website or mobile app in which the Customer selects the product, time period, additional services etc.

Booking ID: A registration number used to identify the Customer's booking at the entrance to the parking facility. Please observe that each reservation entitles the customer to 1 (one) entry and 1 (one) exit, regardless of length of stay.

Regular rate: Current rates for non pre-booked parking

Product: Access to a parking space in a specified parking facility and any additional services that the Customer chose in the booking dialogue.

Parking Period: The period the Customer is entitled to use the pre-booked parking product.

Product information:  Information and special terms and conditions are shown on product information on our web. Please note that various terms and conditions may apply for different products thus it is of importance that you take part of the information/terms and condition on the specific product that you have chosen before you complete the transaction.


The reservation of a parking space is done via Swedavia's website or mobile app.

The shortest and longest parking period allowed may vary by product and season. When making a reservation, the Customer selects the product and the period of time that is desired. Please note that only available parking facilities and products are displayed in the booking dialogue. If a certain parking facility or a certain product is not displayed, there is no capacity for the chosen period or facility available.

It is possible to book a parking space for less than 24 hours, however the minimum charge is always for 24 hours. The allowed maximum parking period may vary depending on season and product, but no longer than 90 days.

The booking is binding once the Customer has authorized the charge, accepted the general terms and conditions, allowed the storage of personal information (see further under "Personal Data") and received confirmation of the booking from Swedavia.

It is not possible to book at parking spot with less than 2 hours until your planned approach.

Free cancellation can be done up to 2 hours prior to the booked arrival time. No refund for late cancellation or unused parking time will be issued.

Amendments can be done up to 2 hours prior to the booked arrival time.

It is not possible to extend parking that has already begun. The amount exceeding the prepaid total is paid for by the customer when exiting.

It is the responsibility of the customer to find the right parking area. If the customer is parked in a parking area other than the one on the reservation, the customer is responsible for payment for both parking spaces.


The rates in effect are provided on the website and in the mobile app as well as in the booking dialogue. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK), including the statutory value-added tax. These prices are only in effect for the pre-booking of a parking space using the booking dialogue. If a customer does not pre-book a space, Regular Rates apply. The pre-book rates can be both higher and lower than Regular Rates due to pre-booking rates being based on supply and demand.

If you arrive earlier than expected or if you leave later, a surcharge according to our Regular rates might be charged. This will be paid in the barrier on your way out.

Please note that no refund is given for any unused Parking Period.


Payment is made electronically in conjunction with the completion of the reservation. Once the Customer has authorized the payment transaction, Swedavia is entitled to charge the Customer for the booking via the credit or debit card provided by the Customer in the booking dialogue. The payment must be approved for a booking to be valid.

Any refund will be made in the same way as the charge was made, normally the Customer will receive the refund within 3-6 days depending on card issuance bank.

Swedavia has the right to refuse payment with a card that has possibly been misused, such as repeated cancellations or abnormal payment patterns.

Conditions of use

The Customer is entitled to use one parking space in the area specified during the chosen period of time. Swedavia can under certain circumstances have to move the Customer to a different area than the one the Customer had booked. At approaches later than 12 hours after booked approach, Swedavia has the right to allocate the Customer to a different parking area. The Customer does not have the right to a lower price in such a case, and Swedavia does not have the right to charge extra if the new parking area has a lower or higher price.

Unless otherwise indicated, the parking space is not assigned and the Customer can choose an available space in the facility specified on each parking occasion. Swedavia guarantees access to a parking space during the Customer's Parking Period.

The booking confirmation stipulates what conditions and entry rules that apply for the booked products. Some products require that the vehicle's license plate number be provided upon entry. In that case, the vehicle's license plate number must be the same as the license plate number provided in the reservation. The Customer may change the license plate number for his or her booking in accordance with the rules for changing and cancelling a booking that are specified in the Product Information.

Vehicle license plates are read digitally, so it is important to ensure that the license plate can be read (also during the winter).

Parking must be done in accordance with the instructions and parking rules posted in the parking facility.

Parked vehicles may not be subject to immobilization. Should that be the case, the vehicle will be considered abandoned and reported to the local authority for removal.

Transfer of parking rights

Booked parking may not be transferred to or placed at the disposal of a third party without Swedavia's written consent.

Personal data

By accepting these general terms and conditions, the Customer allows Swedavia to maintain an electronic register of the personal data that the Customer submitted during the booking process, in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.

This information is used in order for Swedavia to carry out its obligations to the Customer. Swedavia also uses the information in the register in order to provide information and service concerning bookings via e-mail, phone and text message (SMS).

If the Customer has given consent, the information in the customer register may be used for marketing purposes, for market surveys at Swedavia and for sending out special offers, information, newsletters etc. by e-mail. The Customer may at any time, choose to decline to give that consent.

It is important for us at Swedavia that your personal data is handled in a secure and appropriate way.

You find our integrity policy and contact details to our Data Protection Mediator via:


Force majeure

Force majeure events such as a war, riot, strike, blockade, fire, explosion or other event over which the parties have no control exempt the parties from any liability arising from this agreement to the extent they cannot execute it without unreasonably high costs, as well as from any liability to pay damages.


Swedavia is not liable for any injury or any damage to property that can affect the Customer through damage, theft, accident and the like.


In case of questions in regards of how to go about to make a reservation or the parking product, please contact Swedavia. For contacts please visit www.swedavia.se.

If you wish to address a complaint, please contact us urgently at parking@swedavia.se.