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All passengers must check in in order to receive a boarding card which gives you access to the aircraft – even if you are only taking hand baggage on board with you. Check in at the self-service check-in machines, or at the check-in desks.

Self-service check-in machines


  1. Write you booking reference.
  2. Boarding card and baggage tag/tags are printed.
  3. Put you baggage tag/tags on all your luggage.
  4. Leave you baggage in the bagdrop.

Self-service check-in machines are to be found in the departure hall and at Cityterminalen in Stockholm between Flygbussarna's gates 3 and 4.

Self Service Bagdrop

With the Self Service Bagdrop, you check in your baggage yourself quickly and easily.


  • Fasten the baggage tag around the bag handle, with the bar code facing outward. Don’t forget to save the receipt.
  • Go to the Bagdrop counter for the airline you are flying with and place your bag on the conveyor belt.
  • Scan your baggage tag and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once check-in is complete, your bag is carried along on the conveyor belt and you get a confirmation on the screen.

Special baggage, such as golf equipment or a pram (baby carriage), cannot be checked in at the Self Service Bagdrop. You should instead go to a staffed check-in counter.

When is the latest check-in time?

Different airlines have different regulations regarding latest check-in times. Check with your airline before travellling. You must be prepared to show identification so take your ID card or passport with you, depending on where you are travelling.

EU passenger rights

Under Regulation (EC) 261/ 2004, passengers are entitled to compensation if their flight is cancelled or delayed at least two hours. There is information about this posted at the check-in counter and at the gate by the exit to the aircraft. 

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s travel guide includes a description of what rights you have as a passenger before, during and after your journey. You will find information here about what applies for travel by air, rail, bus, boat and taxi as well as for package trips:

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s website (new window)

You will also find information about your rights as a passenger on every airline’s website.