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“Fåglar i Blekinge” exhibition inaugurated at Ronneby Airport

2019-02-04, kl. 10:47

The photography exhibition Fåglar i Blekinge [‘Birds in Blekinge’] was inaugurated today at Ronneby Airport. Photographers Linda Jonasson and Anders Blomdahl live and take photos of birds in beautiful Hjortahammar, situated on the water in the eastern part of the Ronneby archipelago and loaded with birdlife. The exhibition consists of eight photos, which will be on display in the airport’s arrival hall until the end of April 2019.

“We are continuing the theme of offering local artists a chance to spotlight themselves and their work via our exhibition wall at Ronneby Airport. Last autumn, we showed pictures of the incredible nature in Iceland and Norway. This time we have the pleasure to present an exhibition with really fine photographs that show the wonderful birdlife found in the province of Blekinge,” says Arri Kallonen, airport director at Ronneby Airport.

“The nature in Blekinge is fantastic and offers rich birdlife year-round. We have the great advantage of having it just outside our doors, and many of our photos were taken in our garden. It will be fun to show this to travellers from outside the area,” say photographers Linda Jonasson and Anders Blomdahl.

The exhibition Fåglar i Blekinge can be viewed by all passengers in the arrival hall at Ronneby Airport. It will run through the end of April 2019.