About Ronneby Airport

Ronneby Airport is located close to several towns in the region: Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Sölvesborg, Kalmar, Kristianstad and Växjö are all located within approximately one hour's journey by car. The airport has a civilian and military section.

Facts about the airport

Blekinge wing, F 17, has an international flying unit and two JAS divisions at the airport. Here is also Sweden's only Jäger unit, Flygbasjägarskolan.

Distance from Ronneby Airport to:
Ronneby: 8 kilometres
Karlskrona: 33 kilometres
Karlshamn: 32 kilometres
Sölvesborg: 59 kilometres
Kalmar: 113 kilometres
Kristianstad: 88 kilometres
Växjö: 81 kilometres

Meters above sea level
54 metres

Length of runway
2,331 metres

Width of runway 
45 metres

Number of travellers
223 984 (year 2018)

Facts about Blekinge Wing F 17
Runs incident preparation for flight and ground for most of the year.
Has an international flying unit, SE 02, and two JAS 39 divisions.
Responsible for base battalion.
At P17 there is the air force's only Jäger unit, Flygbasjägarskolan.

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WebTrak is a tool for people who want to know more about different flights. Please note that WebTrak shows flights with a 5-hour delay.

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New in WebTrak

You can now track the noise level of flights that fly past measurement stations close to the airports. Swedavia already has noise measurement stations in the vicinity of Arlanda and Bromma in order to measure and analyse aviation noise. These can now be seen in WebTrak and show the noise levels measured at each station.

Elevation data in WebTrak

In WebTrak, elevation above sea level is given. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is 42 metres above sea level. 

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