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Exhibition Vedic Art inaugurated at Ronneby Airport

2019-08-21, kl. 12:54

The photography exhibition Vedic Art is being inaugurated at Ronneby Airport. The Vedic Art Group in Ronneby will display their works in the airport’s arrival hall until the end of the year.

Vedic art at Ronneby

“It is the first time I have come in contact with Vedic Art, and the exhibition presents exciting works. It feels especially nice that the paintings are so personal, while at the same time being based on 17 established principles – like our process-oriented way of working and 8 established principles here at the airport,” says Arri Kallonen, airport director at Ronneby Airport.

“The group has been active for two years and includes the following members: Ann-Christin Fyhr, Elisabeth Petersson, Ing-Greth Hedlund and Christin Ohlin as teacher. Vedic Art is founded on 17 principles, with art being the starting point. People express themselves in colour and form in their own unique way. There are no rights or wrongs,” says Ann-Christin Fyhr.

The exhibition Vedic Art can be seen by all passengers in the arrival hall at Ronneby Airport. and will run to the end of December 2019.