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Swedavia's passenger statistics for January 2019

2019-02-11, kl. 10:39

In January, almost 2,830,000 passengers flew to or from Swedavia’s ten airports, a decrease of nearly three per cent compared to the same month in 2018. At several of the regional airports, international travel increased while domestic travel decreased during the month.

The number of international passengers at Swedavia’s airports in January was more than 1,866,000, a two per cent decrease compared to the same period in 2018. The number of domestic passengers decreased four per cent in January to just over 963,000.

At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Swedavia’s largest airport, which accounts for the bulk of the Group’s domestic and international traffic, international travel decreased two per cent to almost 1,414,000 passengers, while the number of domestic passengers decreased three per cent to 385,000.

At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, international passenger volume was at the same level as in January 2018, 355 000, whereas domestic travel decreased six per cent to more than 96,000 passengers.

At several of the regional airports, international travel increased in January while domestic travel decreased. International travel increased most at Kiruna Airport and Åre Östersund Airport, while the largest decrease in domestic travel during the month was at Malmö Airport. At Luleå Airport, domestic travel increased marginally during this period.

Traffic statistics for Swedavia’s airports are available (in Swedish) at www.swedavia.se under “Om Swedavia/Om Swedavia/Statistik”. https://www.swedavia.se/om-swedavia/statistik/

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