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More passengers at Swedavia’s airports

2017-11-06, kl. 12:48

In October, around 3,700,000 passengers flew to or from Swedavia’s ten airports – a five per cent increase compared to October 2016. International travel was up seven per cent, to 2,400,000 passengers. Domestic travel was up two per cent compared to last year, to 1,300,000 passengers.

Some 2,400,000 passengers flew to or from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, a seven per cent increase compared to the same period last year. Of these, 1,841,000 were international passengers, an increase of seven per cent. Domestic traffic increased four per cent to 527,000 passengers. Travel to and from Göteborg Landvetter Airport was up six per cent to 606,000 passengers in October. The number of international passengers was up eight per cent compared to last year – 464,000 passengers flew internationally to or from Göteborg Landvetter in October 2017.

Other passenger increases in October were recorded at Kiruna Airport, where traffic was up seven per cent, and at Åre Östersund Airport, where 46,000 people flew to or from the airport, a five per cent increase over last year.

So far this year, 36,000,000 passengers have flown to or from Swedavia’s airports, a seven per cent rise compared to January-October 2016. The number of international passengers increased nine per cent while the number of domestic passengers increased three per cent.

Traffic statistics for Swedavia are available (in Swedish) at www.swedavia.se under “Statistik”.

Swedavia is a State-owned group that owns, operates and develops ten airports across Sweden. Our role is to create the access Sweden needs to facilitate travel, business and meetings – inSweden, in Europe and around the world. Safe, satisfied passengers are the foundation of our business. Swedavia is a world leader in developing airports with the least possible environmental impact. The Group has revenue of almost 5.5 billion Swedish kronor and some 2,500 employees.