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Swedavia’s traffic statistics for April 2021

2021-05-11, kl. 08:50

In April, nearly 369,000 passengers flew via Swedavia’s airports, an 89 per cent decrease compared to the number of passengers in April 2019, before the pandemic. Compared to April 2020, air travel increased, though from extremely low levels. Overall, air travel is still strongly limited and dominated by the pandemic.

“Air travel in April was still very limited at our airports as a result of the pandemic and restrictions. Domestic travel has fared marginally better than international traffic, but the number of passengers overall was at a constant low level during the month. Nine out of ten passengers have been lost compared to before the pandemic,” says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia’s president and CEO.

“Naturally, it is gratifying that the vaccination rate is increasing and that preparations are under way to reopen society, but so far this has had a very limited effect on air travel. The recovery depends on vaccination efforts and the pandemic, but also on the lifting of travel restrictions in a coordinated and safe way, above all in Europe. A vaccination certificate will also be important in order to make free travel possible within Europe as well as to and from European countries,” says Jonas Abrahamsson.

Of the total 369,000 passengers in April, 205,000 were international passengers and 163,000 were domestic passengers.

Compared to April last year, when Swedavia had a total of 63,000 passengers, passenger volume increased this past April. But the increase was from extremely low levels, with the passenger trend last April also strongly affected by the pandemic. Compared to April 2019, before the pandemic, the decrease in passengers was nearly 90 per cent in April. Swedavia’s airports had 3,242,000 passengers in April 2019.

Over the past fourteen months of the pandemic, Swedavia’s airports have lost an estimated 39 million passengers.

Detailed statistics are available in Swedish under “Om Swedavia/Statistik”: https://www.swedavia.se/om-swedavia/statistik/.

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