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Bromma Stockholm Airport honoured for its refuelling facility

2018-04-19, kl. 13:04

On Wednesday, Bromma Stockholm Airport was given a sustainability award for its refuelling work at the airport. The Sustained Performance Award is handed out by the Joint Inspection Group (JIG).
"Good working methods and the right attitude among employees are strong factors contributing to the award," explains Sven Jansson, acting manager at Bromma Fuelling Service.

Airport representatives receive a prize in Dubai

For Swedavia, its sustainability work is of great importance. One of the airports that have managed this work extremely well is Bromma Stockholm Airport, which has now been given the Sustained Performance Award for its aircraft refuelling facility. The Joint Inspection Group (JIG), which sets the international standards, handed out the award.

"It feels really great to have confirmation that we are doing something good in our operations. At the same time, it is obviously an honour to have the opportunity to receive an award. There are many of us who help ensure that we have a good workplace," says Sven Jansson, acting manager at Bromma Fuelling Service, from Dubai, where the award was handed out.

In world-wide competition among the 180 largest airports across the globe, "tiny" Bromma Stockholm was the one to bring home the prize. Jansson says it is a question of employees having the right attitude that enabled them to win the award. "Good working methods and the right attitude among employees are strong contributing factors. Sensitivity and the ability to recognise mistakes are a few others," he says, before continuing. "Actually, we have only done what we usually do, although lately we have been a little more focused on discovering, reporting and addressing 'unsafe conditions'. An unsafe condition can be basically anything that disrupts operations. Through the portal that JIG provides, we can also study other airports' reporting and learn from their mistakes to avoid doing the same thing."

What is the next step in your work?

"The next step will be to continue focusing on discovering even more unsafe conditions. Our goal is for every employee to report at least one unsafe condition a month so that we can have even better and safer operations."