There’s something very special about Gotland. It might be the light, the beaches and the ever present sea. The fact that the island is one of the sunniest places in Sweden – even in November – certainly helps. Or it could be the cultural heritage, the history you can see and feel everywhere. Or the people: down-to-earth, hospitable folk who make the most of life. Perhaps it’s the bustling street life in the walled city of Visby. Or is it the scenery, the open and inviting landscape? You’re welcome to discover and explore this one-of-a-kind island, or to rest. The distances here are never far – between north and south, east and west, city and country… and between people. Gotland is always close.

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Gotlands Museum

A must-see when visiting Gotland is the Gotlandic picture stones, the treasures and the fossils – magical and unique in their kind. Book a tour of the world heritage site and get the qualified guides of the museum. Ecological restaurant and café. The museum shop is open all year round – bring a piece of Gotland with you!

Strandgatan 14, Visby

Find out how people once lived on Gotland at one of Sweden’s biggest open-air museums. Here you can meet farmers, fishermen, crofters, stone workers, craftsmen, school teachers and paupers in houses and on farms dating from the mid-17th century to the end of the 1920s. The Play House has toys and games from olden times, and young and old can walk on stilts, make log-house puzzels and toss the caber. You will find the dates of markets, tournaments, and other fun events at:

G:a Masters

G:a Masters is the small, friendly, award winning local restaurant just off the main square, Stora Torget, in Visby. The ambitions are high when it comes to quality of food, drink and service.

S:a Kyrkogatan 10 62156 Visby

Smakrike Krog in the Ljugarn resort – an oasis in the idyllic summer. The restaurant is the heart of Smakrike. Here, tasty memories are created from culinary meals using the best seasonal ingredients. You can even stay in comfortable luxurious accommodation just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Claudelins väg 1 62365 Ljugarn

Museum Shop & Café (Gotlands Museum)

Take a piece of Gotland with you. Here you’ll find books, toys, retro gadgets, games, jewelry including copies from the treasury, Gotland quality products and much more.

Strandgatan 14, Visby

Design and materials, Gotland style Country temptations

Let the journey be your objective. Discover farm shops and art studios with products inspired by natural colours and materials. Find one-of-a-kind gifts, or treat yourself to a souvenir that will remind you of happy days on Gotland long after you return home.

By air

There are daily departures from Bromma Stockholm Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Gotland Visby Airport. It is also possible to fly direct to Visby from Malmö Airport and Gothenburg City Airport all year round. For more information about flights to Visby from other destinations please visit . Visby Airport is 3.5km north of Visby town centre. Taxi services are provided outside the airport. There are also rental cars available

By boat

The ferries go all year-round from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn, and will take you to Visby in about three hours.