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We’re building the airport of the future

Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be the leading airport in Scandinavia – an airport ready for the travel of the future – one that offers smooth and inspiring travel experiences, provides a pre-eminent meeting place and serves as an international role model in sustainability. Swedavia is now investing billions of kronor in major capital projects, and construction is already in progress. The result will be increased capacity for passengers, tenants and airlines; more shopping and restaurants; more hotel and conference options; more workplaces; better mass transit and even more destinations.

Why are we developing Stockholm Arlanda?

Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s gateway to the world and is set to become the world’s gateway to Scandinavia. We are now making preparations to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040.

More and more people are choosing to fly to and from Stockholm Arlanda – in 2016, close to 25 million passengers passed through the airport. Over the past two years, passenger volume has increased by 3 million. It is estimated that almost 40 million people will travel via Stockholm Arlanda in 2040.

Expansion and further development are needed to handle the growth

In order to handle this growth, we need to increase our terminal capacity. Terminal 5 will be extended with an additional pier. Baggage handling, check-in and security screening will have greater capacity and flexibility. The commercial offering will also be enhanced, and environments at the airport will be modernised.

Terminal 4 will be further developed into an efficient terminal for domestic traffic. In the long term, Terminal 2 will also be expanded with one or two piers. With these changes, the airport will be prepared to handle growth even after 2040. 

A new airport city will soon start taking shape

But we are not just developing our airport operations. A brand-new city is taking shape around the airport, as is the super-hub for mass transit that we want to create at Stockholm Arlanda.

What is included in the development plans?

We are developing Stockholm Arlanda in order to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040, compared to 25 million today. Below, we tell you more about what is happening.
Illustration Arlanda's vision 2040 with new pier and office buildnings

The development plans include a number of different projects to increase terminal capacity and enhance the passenger experience. Among the changes, the walkway between the areas for Gates 1–10 and 11–24 in Terminal 5 will be renovated to improve the passenger flow. More aircraft parking stands will be built, together with a consolidation centre for all shops and restaurants.

A new pier in Terminal 5 will also be built, which means that the current airport maintenance area needs to be relocated and therefore rebuilt. We also need to increase the capacity of the baggage handling system in order to manage the large increase in passenger volume. In addition, a new security checkpoint will be built.

We are not just developing the terminals; a brand-new airport city – Airport City Stockholm – will also soon start taking shape around Stockholm Arlanda, with its perfect location between Stockholm and Uppsala, close to railways, roads, air travel facilities and the rest of the world.

Airport City Stockholm will consist of six districts, each with its own purpose. The first office complex to be built in the SkyCity district is Office One.

How Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be developed

1. Expanded areas and passageways for smoother travel in Terminal 5. 2016–2018.

2. New aircraft parking stands. 2016–2018.

3. A new, modern and functional airport maintenance area. 2016–2018.

4. Consolidation centre for goods delivery for the entire airport. 2017–2018.

5. Office One – a 15,000 square metre office complex. 2016–2018.

6. New hotel, Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport. 2017–2019.

8. New central security checkpoint and new retail area in Terminal 5. 2017–2022.

9. New baggage hall for arriving passengers. 2017–2024.

10. New modern pier for increased capacity, a pleasant atmosphere and smooth flows. 2020–2025.