We’re building the airport of the future

Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be the leading airport in the Nordics – an airport ready for the travel of the future – one that offers smooth and inspiring travel experiences, provides a pre-eminent meeting place and serves as an international role model in sustainability.

Swedavia is now investing billions of kronor in major capital projects, and construction is already in progress. The result will be increased capacity for passengers, tenants and airlines; more shopping and restaurants; more hotel and conference options; more workplaces; better mass transit and even more destinations.

Why are we developing Stockholm Arlanda?

Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s gateway to the world and is set to become the world’s gateway to the Nordics. We are now making preparations to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040.

More and more people are choosing to fly to and from Stockholm Arlanda – in 2018, more than 26 million passengers travelled via the airport. The forecast is that by 2040 nearly 40 million people will fly via Stockholm Arlanda each year.

Expansion and further development are needed to handle the growth

In order to handle this growth, we need to increase our terminal capacity. Terminal 5 will be extended with an additional pier. Baggage handling, check-in and security screening will have greater capacity and flexibility. The commercial offering will also be enhanced, and environments at the airport will be modernised.

Terminal 4 will be further developed into an efficient terminal for domestic traffic. In the long term, Terminal 2 will also be expanded with one or two piers. With these changes, the airport will be prepared to handle growth even after 2040. 

A new airport city is taking shape

But we are not just developing our airport operations. A brand-new city is taking shape around the airport, as is the super-hub for mass transit that we want to create at Stockholm Arlanda.

What is included in the development plans?

We are developing Stockholm Arlanda in order to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040, compared to 25 million today. Below, we tell you more about what is happening.
Illustration Arlanda's vision 2040 with new pier and office buildnings

The development plans include a number of different projects to increase terminal capacity and enhance the experience for our passengers. The most extensive projects over the next few years are taking place in Terminal 5, which will get another pier, a central security checkpoint and a modern marketplace with a broad range of food and beverage options. As a result, we also need to increase capacity in the baggage handling system. We have relocated the airport maintenance area to make room for the new pier and are adding more aircraft parking stands.

Terminal 4 will be further developed as an efficient terminal for domestic traffic. Over the long term, Terminal 2 will also be expanded with the addition of one or two piers. With all these changes, the airport will be prepared to handle growth after 2040 as well.

We’re not just developing the terminals. An entire new airport city is also taking shape at and around Stockholm Arlanda – Airport City Stockholm – with a perfect location between Stockholm and Uppsala, close to trains, roads and air links and to the rest of the world.

In the city centre, in the heart of Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the first office building has opened – Office One. In the same neighbourhood, right next to the terminals and SkyCity, one of the largest airport hotels in the Nordic region is under construction.

Our development projects

Airport of the future - overveiw Stockholm Arlanda

1. New spaces and passageways in Terminal 5, 2016-2018

Because of the increased passenger volume, we have added new spaces and passageways for passengers. To further reduce the crowding and enhance the travel experience, Terminal 5 has also been expanded with a new security checkpoint and more passport controls added. The atmosphere in the area for Gates 11-24 has been improved, and a new security checkpoint for transfer passengers and a new border control have been built.  The project was completed in 2018.

2. Aircraft parking stands, 2016-2018

Immediately adjacent to Terminal, we have built an apron to allow parking for more and larger aircraft. The apron replaces some aircraft parking stands that will be taken out of service while the new pier at Terminal 5 is being built. Going forward, it will also be an important element in ensuring capacity as we continue to develop the airport.

The apron was completed in 2018.

3. A new, functional airport maintenance area, 2016-2018

In order to continue the expansion of Terminal 5 and construction of a new pier, we needed to move the area for all of the airport’s maintenance functions and work vehicles. The new airport maintenance area was inaugurated in 2018.

The new airport maintenance area covers 20,000 square metres and includes 15 new buildings in an environmentally-conscious area that includes a field garage, bus garage, facilities for washing vehicles and de-icing, a canopy roof and storage facilities. It also provides a new workshop for vehicles as well as workshops for runway lighting, day-marking and field maintenance plus offices and staff facilities.

We also ran supply lines for new utilities, including district heating, district cooling, power, water and sewage. The new maintenance area was designed to have a strong environmentally-conscious profile, with all the construction work environmentally certified.

4. Consolidation center, 2017-2018

In 2018, our new consolidation center for deliveries was completed in the eastern section of the Cargo Center building in Cargo City, right by the airport. This allows us better coordination of goods for the airport’s restaurants, shops and airport maintenance area.

With a single delivery address at Stockholm Arlanda, goods transports are redirected away from the terminals. With effective security suited for screening goods, we can meeting the growing need for smooth deliveries in the future.

5. Office One – with 15,000 m2 of space, 2016-2018

The Office One building provides 15,000 square metres of modern, flexible office space on ten storeys. Office One is quite centrally located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, right next to SkyCity and the terminals.

The building is designed for maximum efficiency and minimal energy use. It is equipped with high-quality insulation, climate control and ventilation systems, and will be certified according to BREEAM-SE environmental performance standards. The first tenants moved into Office One in the autumn of 2018.
Read more about Office One. 

Architect: Sandellsandberg

6. New hotel – Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport, 2017-2020

Immediately adjacent to the terminals, in the heart of Airport City Stockholm, one of the largest airport hotels in the Nordic region is taking shape – Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport. With 503 rooms, a rooftop bar, lounge, gym and generous areas for socialising, the hotel will be an important meeting place at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The hotel complex consists of a taller section with 14 storeys and a shorter section with 11 storeys, for a total of 24,600 square metres of space. The building will be certified according to BREEAM-SE environmental performance standards.

Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport will open in early 2020.     

Architect: BAU


7. Central security checkpoint and new marketplace in Terminal 5, 2017-2022

Terminal 5 is our largest terminal and also has the most passengers. Along with the improvements already carried out, the terminal will be further expanded. Among other changes, the two security checkpoints now operating will be replaced by a single central security checkpoint for all departing passengers. We are also adding self-service automated machines for faster check-in.

After the security checkpoint, passengers will encounter an attractive, airy and inspiring marketplace with a broad range of food and beverage options. The terminal will be better adapted to the wishes and needs of modern travellers. The expansion will take place at the same time as the development of the new Terminal 5 pier.

8. Terminal 5 baggage system and baggage hall, 2017-2028

Work is under way to provide a flexible, efficient baggage system and a new baggage hall to handle increased passenger volume. This project will assess the Terminal 5 baggage system for both departing and arriving baggage. Passengers will have a positive experience with smooth flows, and our employees will have an attractive workplace environment with conditions better adapted to their work.

9. A brand-new pier, 2020-2025

Preparations are now under way for the construction of a new pier in Terminal 5, which will be completed in 2025. The pier will provide new flexible aircraft parking stands and at the same time enable Stockholm Arlanda to handle the largest aircraft types. The building will feature Scandinavian design and provide an inspiring, pleasant environment for both passengers and employees. The pier will make it possible to offer even more destinations and will be an attractive, new place for people departing from and arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.