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Göteborg Landvetter Airport –
Western Sweden’s gateway to the world

An expanded terminal with more gates, a larger arrival hall, better baggage handling, a new hotel and a developed logistics area. Come learn about how we’re building the airport of the future.


We’re developing the airport of the future

We want to create a welcoming, accessible airport where you get good service and have a pleasant experience. The airport will be a natural meeting place and a role model in sustainability. Göteborg Landvetter Airport will be the obvious choice for western Sweden. Read more about Göteborg Landvetter Airport’s Master Plans

Visionary image: Krook & Tjäder

Bridge Göterborg Landvetter Airport
Illustration view over future Airport City Göteborg

More people are travelling from our airports

In 1977, when the airport was inaugurated, it was designed to handle 3 million passengers. Since then, the only major changes have been an expanded check-in hall and a new domestic hall. Since traffic was moved from Säve Airport to Göteborg Landvetter in 2014, the number of passengers has increased. We therefore need to adapt the airport to current passenger numbers and prepare for the future. 


Airport City Göteborg

At the same time as we are building for future air travel, an airport city is taking shape, with warehouse and logistics operations, offices, hotels, retail space and worksites immediately adjacent to Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The vision is an airport city at the cutting edge, with opportunities for the companies of tomorrow to work and grow. Read more about Airport City Göteborg

Visionary image: Krook & Tjäder


Projects at Göteborg Landvetter Airport