New security checkpoint and larger x-ray machines

We’re building a new security checkpoint for a better flow for passengers and expanding the airport’s baggage basement to make space for larger x-ray machines.

New, bigger security checkpoint

With more stations and a longer conveyer belt, we can handle larger passenger streams. In the first phase of the project, we’re preparing space for a bigger security checkpoint. In the second phase, we’ll complete preparations to handle passengers. 


Smoother, safer baggage screening

We’re installing new x-ray machines that will screen baggage in a smoother, safer way. The machines are larger than those in use today and the accompanying baggage conveyer belt will be longer, so we’re expanding the baggage basement, adding 6,500 square metres of space. The baggage cellar will be placed in service in 2022.

Visionary image: Nordic — Office of Architecture

Security check Landvetter