An airport city is taking shape at
Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Right next to Stockholm Arlanda’s terminals, a new airport city is being developed – with hotels and conference facilities, shops, restaurants and creative workspaces. Our vision is to create inspiring meeting places close to the rest of the world.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport vision 2050, Picture: BAU

Part of Airport City Stockholm

A new city is being developed, step by step, at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Right in the city centre is the new Office One building, which was inaugurated in 2019. Right next to it you’ll find Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport, one of the largest airport hotels in the Nordic region, which opened its doors in early 2020. In the same district preparations are under way for conference facilities of the highest European calibre close to the terminals - and more buildings and hotels are in the planning stage.

Our goal is for Stockholm Arlanda Airport to be the leading Nordic airport – not just a place to fly to or from, but a place to meet at and experience.

The new city centre taking shape at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is part of Airport City Stockholm, a development project run jointly by Swedavia, the Municipality of Sigtuna and Arlandastad Holding.

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Property development at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Airport City Stockholm

Stockholm Arlanda Airport – not just a place you fly to or from, but a place to meet at and experience.

The airport city at Stockholm Arlanda Airport – today and in the future

Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2020 Photo: Tim Meier

Photo: Tim Meier

Stockholm Arlanda AIrport and the Comfort Hotel Arlanda

Photo: Tim Meier

Vision of the future Arlanda

Arlanda square. Visionary image: BAU

An airport city is growing at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Vision image: BAU

Visionary image: BAU

Future office at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Vision image: TEA, Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter

Future office, Arlanda. Visionary image: TEA, Thomas Eriksson Architects

Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2070. Vision image: BAU

Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2070. Visionary image: BAU