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About the airport

Åre Östersund Airport is located at Frösön, eleven kilometres west of Östersund, 94 kilometres east of Åre and about 133 kilometres north of Vemdalen.

Airport operations at Åre Östersund Airport started in 1926, when it was at the time the airforce's fourth flying corps, but it was not until 1958 that the airport opened for regular and civil flights.

Opening hours

The terminal opens 1.5 hours before the first departure and closes 30 minutes after the last arrival.

Facts about the airport

Number of passengers 2023
253 400 (2022: 220 000)

Antal destinationer

Number of destinations

Year inaugurated

Length of landing runway       
2,500 metres

Terminal area 
5,600 square metres

Number of companies at the airport 
About 10

Total number of employees 
More than 100

Travel time from city centre 
Ten minutes 

Travel time from Åre
One hour