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About the airport

Åre Östersund Airport is located at Frösön, eleven kilometres west of Östersund, 94 kilometres east of Åre and about 133 kilometres north of Vemdalen. Today, some 540,000 travellers pass through the airport each year.

Airport operations at Åre Östersund Airport started in 1926, when it was at the time the airforce's fourth flying corps, but it was not until 1958 that the airport opened for regular and civil flights. Today 100 people work at the airport, and it is the seventh largest under Swedavia's control.

During recent years, it has become increasingly popular to fly abroad from Åre Östersund Airport, and it is now possible to fly direct to Majorca and Las Palmas (Spain), Rhodes and Creete (Greece) and Split (Croatia), Burgas (Bulgaria), London (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark).