About the airport

Åre Östersund Airport is located at Frösön, eleven kilometres west of Östersund, 94 kilometres east of Åre and about 133 kilometres north of Vemdalen. 

Airport operations at Åre Östersund Airport started in 1926, when it was at the time the airforce's fourth flying corps, but it was not until 1958 that the airport opened for regular and civil flights. 

Facts about the airport

Number of passengers 2018
511 986

Number of destinations
More than 11

Year inaugurated

Length of landing runway       
2,500 metres

Terminal area 
5,600 square metres

Number of companies at the airport 
About 10

Total number of employees 
More than 100

Travel time from city centre 
Ten minutes 

Travel time from Åre
One hour

Track flights

Curious about what flight is passing overhead? Would you like information about a flight that flew near your home? With WebTrak, you’ll find information about aircraft flying to and from the airport as well as details about each flight. You can also send in your views to Swedavia.

WebTrak is a tool for people who want to know more about different flights. Please note that WebTrak shows flights with a 5-hour delay.

The tool shows the flight path and other available information for each aircraft. The aircraft are colour-coded to show whether they are arriving or departing. By entering your own address, you can get information, for example, about what flights flew near your home. If you would like to see earlier flights, you can select the date and time and then see a recording of flights hour by hour as well as choose to accelerate the display.

New in WebTrak

You can now track the noise level of flights that fly past measurement stations close to the airports. Swedavia already has noise measurement stations in the vicinity of Arlanda and Bromma in order to measure and analyse aviation noise. These can now be seen in WebTrak and show the noise levels measured at each station.

Elevation data in WebTrak

In WebTrak, elevation above sea level is given. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is 42 metres above sea level. 

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