There is storage for personal effects in the check-in area, with lockers in two different sizes. The lockers for small bags and trolleys are 33 cm wide, 82 cm high and have a depth of 47 cm while the lockers for clothes measure 23 cm/150 cm/47 cm. It is also possible to store larger items, such as big bags and dog crates.
Category: Left luggage


  Locker for clothes and small bags Storage for large items Dog crates
One day SEK 40 SEK 50 SEK 60
Two days SEK 60 SEK 90 SEK 120
Three days SEK 80 SEK 130 SEK 180
Four days SEK 100 SEK 170 SEK 240
Five days SEK 120 SEK 210 SEK 300
Six days* SEK 140 SEK 240 SEK 360
One week SEK 150 SEK 250 SEK 370
Two weeks SEK 200 SEK 350 SEK 440

* After the sixth day SEK 10 per day.

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