Business services

Luleå Airport is the domestic and international airport for ten of the Norrbotten region's fourteen municipalities. The airport offers great opportunities for your company to operate and be seen. Here you can start up your business near flights and the rest of the world, or advertise to millions of travellers each year.

Guided tours

A visit to Luleå Airport is organised to suit your needs. You have access to knowledgeable and good guides who show you the airport and answer your questions.

Are you an entire company or a smaller group that want to make a visit? Everyone is welcome to attend a guided tour at the airport. Guided tours also available in English. Start or finish your tour with a meals and snacks in the restaurant.

Terminal tour - what happens from check-in to take off?

A tour allowing you insight into the check-in process, security control, the area after security control and baggage handling. You also visit the gates and learn about what happens between an aircraft lands and takes off.

After the tour finishes, you have the opportunity to shop for perfume, sweets and cosmetics in the duty free shop at lower prices than in town. All participants receive a further ten per cent discount.
Estimated time: approx. 1.5 hours.


Terminal tour, max 20 people                           2 000 kronor
Terminal tour, students max 20 people             1 500 kronor

Prices are exclusive of 25 per cent VAT.

Contact and booking

Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 49 50
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 09.00–16.00