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The unofficial capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is a place significantly less grim than its ominous administrative status may imply. Named European Youth Capital in 2015, the city is home to an estimated 100,000 students (who make up about a fifth of the population) – a statistic that partly explains Cluj's current cultural Renaissance and well-deserved reputation of a party town.

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Central Park
Strada Cardinal Hossu Iuliu, Cluj-Napoca

Refreshingly shaded in the summer and still well-visited during the colder winter months, Cluj-Napoca's Central Park is a lively social hub that hosts concerts, contains free-to-use sporting machines, and even offers boats for hire (to be put to use on the park's own lake).

Botanical Garden
Strada Republicii 42, Cluj-Napoca

The green oasis of tranquillity that is Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden lies just outside Cluj's Old Town. Inside, a multitude of flora species are on display, from tropical flowers to Nordic mosses sprawling over rock arrangements. There is an on-site museum of plant kingdom curiosities and even a compact Japanese Garden.

6 Alexandru Ciurea, Cluj-Napoca

Out of the tourist way yet still very central, Roata is an excellent choice for those looking to dine on traditional Romanian specialties (those are normally rather meat-heavy, but non-meat eaters will also find a lot to chose from). To sample multiple dishes at once, try the full platter.

Nuka Bistro
16 Piata Unirii, Cluj-Napoca

With its rustic, pastel-colored furniture set against raw brick walls, Nuka Bistro is creatively inspired down to its menu, where a selection of original burgers named after historic figures such as Count Dracula and Marilyn Monroe is on offer (along with quite a few breakfast options).

Central Market
Piata Mihai Viteazul, Cluj-Napoca

For an authentic Transylvanian marketplace experience, try Cluj-Napoca's Central Market, where dozens of vendors come together daily to offer some of the freshest, locally-grown produce to city residents. Communication may be a challenge, but navigating the kaleidoscope of stalls can be a joy nonetheless.

Vivo Mall
492-500 Avram Iancu, Cluj-Napoca

Just outside Cluj's town center lies the Vivo mall, whose entrance is marked by two towers modeled after the old Romanian architectural tradition. The shopping center contains a whole range of local and international brand stores and boutiques, as well as entertainment venues and a large supermarket.

Cluj International Airport
149-151 Strada Traian Vuia, Cluj-Napoca

Located only 9km away from the city center, Cluj International Airport primarily serves destinations across Europe. There is a public bus service (buses 8 & 5) that runs between the airport and central Cluj (tickets may be purchased at "Bilete" booths prior to boarding, these are often found at bus stops), but taxis and rental cars are also readily available for hire.

Public Transport

Most attractions within the city center are easy to reach on foot. For longer distance travel, make use of the excellent public transportation system comprised of buses, trolleybuses and trams. Tickets must be purchased at special kiosks prior to boarding; some stops are equipped with ticket vending machines.

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