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Sweden’s third-largest city Malmö in the south of Sweden is a symbol of cross-border diversity and a creative and inquisitive mini-metropolis. Starting as an industrial city, Malmö is now a knowledge hub, known for its environmental work. Here you find the Scandinavia's oldest renaissance castle close to the hip new sustainable district of Västra Hamnen. The Eurovision Song Contest 2013, the World Junior Hockey Championship 2014 and the IIHF World Championships 2015 show that Malmö is the place to be in terms of international events.

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Form/Design Center
Lilla Torg 9

Form/Design Center is an exhibition venue and sales outlet in Hedmanska Gården by Lilla torg, run by Svensk Form’s regional association for Skåne. The very best of Scandinavian design and local handicrafts produced on a small scale.

Malmö Opera
Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20

Malmö Opera presents the whole range of music theatre with main emphasis on opera and musical. Malmö Opera perform the great opera classics and musicals and contemporary musical drama as well as we endeavour to pursue freshly written Swedish operas and musicals

Landbygatan 5

Namu The first Korean restaurant in Malmö. Unique taste sensations are created when Korea meets Sweden - thanks to Jennie Walldén, Swedish Master Chef 2013.

Kitchen and Table
Fiskehamnsgatan 5

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson has opened a restaurant on the 25th floor of the new Malmö Live conference centre and concert hall. The concept draws its inspiration from the flavours of the world, with a focus on local ingredients.

Stora Nygatan

In the heart of Malmö city, just a stone's throw from Gustav Adolf Square, Hansa offers a delightful experience for shoppers who enjoy good fashion, food and drink. What can we tempt you with today?

Baltzarsgatan 45

Baltzar is the name of the large glass building at the intersection of Södergatan and Baltzarsgatan. Here are 12 different, first-class specialty shops and cafés.

Passport / Visa

Sweden can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.

Infopoints in Malmö

There are a number of Infopoints that provide basic tourist information for visitors in the form of brochures, maps and other information. These Infopoints are located at: • Emporia shopping center, Hyllie Boulevard 19 • Katrinetorp landeri, Katrinetorps allé 1 • Travelshop, Carlsgatan 4A • Triangelns shopping centre, Södra Förstadsgatan 41 • Pressbyrån, Södergatan 11 • First Camp Malmö, Strandgatan 101 • Fintoan på Gustav Adolfs Torg, Gustav Adolfs Torg • Dockan Marina Malmö Cityhamn, Dockplatsen 1 • Malmö Konsthall, S:t Johannesgatan 7 • Malmö Airport, Visitors Center, Malmö – Sturup • Moderna Museet Malmö, Ola Billgrens plats 2-4 • Malmö Chokladfabrik, Möllevångsgatan 36B • Andelshamnen Lagunen, Vaktgatan 9, Limhamn All Infopoint information counters are indicated with green and white I signs.

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