Ving back with popular charter destinations from Visby Airport

2022-10-12, kl. 09:01

Ving has just made the happy announcement that it will be possible to fly non-stop to the Mediterranean from Gotland next year too. During the spring of 2023, the tour operator will offer two departures from Visby Airport to the popular islands of Mallorca and Rhodes.

Ving will offer flights to both Spain and Greece with its own carrier, Sunclass Airlines. On Tuesday, April 18, the flight to Mallorca will take off, and about a week later the plane will depart to Rhodes, to be precise, Wednesday, April 26.

Ving’s continued investment in direct flights from Visby Airport provides a popular service for the airport.

“It is really great that there is growing demand for flights and that Ving is investing to expand its offering of attractive destinations from our airport. Offering our passengers non-stop service abroad is important for the region,” says Gunnar Jonasson, airport director at Swedavia Visby Airport.

“We know how much people appreciate the departures from our regional airports so we are eager to continue offering departures from Visby to Gotland’s residents. It is therefore especially nice that next summer we will be able to fly to such popular destinations as Mallorca and Rhodes,” says Claes Pellvik, head of communications at Ving.

Ving has also announced that there will be an additional departure late next summer to Rhodes, on September 27.

Ving’s summer 2023 programme from Visby Airport

Mallorca: April 18

Rhodes: April 26 and September 27