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Environmental permit for Kiruna Airport issued – ensures long-term development potential for Malmfälten iron ore fields

2016-12-07, kl. 10:58

Kiruna Airport’s new environmental permit gained legal force. This environmental permit is an essential requirement for operations at the airport and ensures access and growth in the region over the long term.

The ruling on the environmental permit for Kiruna Airport has gained legal force. Based on a review of the airport’s impact and environmental consequences, which provided documentation for the permit, the ruling thus ensures Swedavia’s operations at Kiruna Airport. The new environmental permit enters into force on January 1, 2017.

“Because of the decision, the growth in air travel to and from Kiruna can continue and thus provide a secure, sustainable basis for growth in the region, where major investments are now under way, especially here in Kiruna. So it is especially gratifying that we have now ensured this and can focus on the future,” says Andreas Fredriksson, airport director at Swedavia Kiruna Airport.

A key feature of the new environmental permit is a reallocation of aircraft movements today, so that more room than before will now be dedicated to developing commercial air traffic. This gives both scheduled and charter operations opportunities to meet market demand, for instance, providing incentive and a platform for further investments in the expanding tourism industry. 

In the next phase, Swedavia will work further with other operations as well as on a new master plan and strategy for development at Kiruna Airport. Given that the town is being relocated, the airport will be an even more obvious part of the new Kiruna, as a natural travel hub and a property with development potential.  

“We foresee stable demand for travel as an essential requirement for Kiruna and the Malmfälten iron ore fields. So we will work further with great focus to be a key part of local growth, and our environmental permit gives us the conditions needed to do this,” Mr Fredriksson notes.