About WebTrak

WebTrak shows flights carried out in the immediate vicinity of the airport – in other words, within an 80-km radius and an altitude of up to 10,000 metres. WebTrak can show flights recently carried out as well as flights further back in time. The tool also shows the flight path and other available information for each aircraft.

5-hour delay

WebTrak shows flights with a 5-hour delay. This is to ensure that the information displayed is as accurate and reliable as possible.

Do not use WebTrak for detailed analysis

WebTrak was created by a company called Brüel & Kjaer. Everything is done to ensure that the information in WebTrak is complete and accurate, but WebTrak is not designed to be a detailed system for analysis and should not be used as such.

To ensure that users can manage the large quantity of data, some simplified assumptions were made. Data showing the current situation are collected as raw data, which means, for instance, that flight paths may appear in less detail than is actually available on the day in question. Data for flight paths further back in time are always more accurate than recent data.

Furthermore, due to security restrictions or temporary shutdowns in the system, some flights may not be seen in WebTrak.


You can always contact us if you have further questions about a flight.