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Visby Airport improves situation for passengers who choose to travel by taxi

2014-06-24, kl. 12:55

Visby Airport is now ensuring an orderly, secure traffic situation for passengers at the airport who choose to travel by taxi. By regulating the highest fares allowed for taxi companies that serve the airport, the hope is to create a good competitive situation between taxi companies that serve the airport on a continuous basis and those that only serve it during the summer.

In order to ensure reasonable taxi fare levels, on June 29 a regulation is being introduced concerning the highest initial charge/basic fare, price per kilometre and price per hour for taxi companies that serve Visby Airport. The more stringent requirements increase security for passengers since individual companies that choose to serve the airport during the summer previously could take advantage of the limited competitive situation. At the same time, the more stringent requirements help to ensure competition on equal terms between different taxi companies, which will also be able to set fares freely within the given framework in the future.

Visby Airport previously introduced a gate system leading to the terminal to ensure an orderly and secure traffic situation outside the airport. Only taxi companies that have valid agreements with Swedavia are allowed to enter the parking area closest to the airport.