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Visby Airport awarded Gotlandflyg’s Environmental Prize 2013

2013-04-30, kl. 15:21

Today, Friday, April 26, Visby Airport was awarded Gotlandsflyg’s newly established Environmental Prize.

Sophie Skyving, Gotlandsflyg; Ulf Johansson, environmental coordinator, Visby Airport; Gunnar Jonasson, airport director, Visby Airport; Ola Mattsson, Gotlandsflyg.

Gotlandsflyg hands out its Environmental Prize to companies, organisations, associations or individuals from Gotland who have made a valuable environmental contribution to and in Gotland. No one can do everything – but everyone can do something. Or as Gotlandsflyg puts it: “As green as it can be. It does in fact matter”.

“We are delighted to receive this honour. It means an enormous amount to Visby Airport and Swedavia. The fact that our commitment and environmental work have attracted attention is important and meaningful for our continuing work to reduce our environmental impact. My colleagues and I are very proud to receive this award,” says Gunnar Jonasson, airport director.

The Environmental Prize 2013 was awarded to Visby Airport for the following reasons:

  • Visby Airport is one of only 14 airports in the whole world that have met the stringent demands for certification according to Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) for its work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In seven years, the airport has reduced its electricity use by 700 mWh. That is equivalent to energy consumed each year by about 30 single-family homes.
  • Water use has been cut by a third over the past six years.
  • Use of heating oil has fallen from 71 cubic metres to 8 cubic metres. Oil used for heating is now being completely phased out.
  • Waste with a high nitrogen content on the takeoff and landing runway is collected in pools and converted to organic urea water, which is then used as fertiliser at the nearby Gotska Golf Club.