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Traffic up 13 per cent in June

2013-07-09, kl. 11:35

The number of domestic passengers at Visby Airport was 30,765 in June 2013. That is an increase of 10 per cent compared to the same month in 2012, when 27,845 domestic passengers flew to or from Visby Airport. International traffic was up 61 per cent, to 1,487 passengers.

Overall, traffic increased 13 per cent compared to June 2012, from 28,771 to 32,252 passengers.

“It is good news that air traffic is now back to its previous high levels after last year’s decline,” says Gunnar Jonasson, airport director at Visby Airport. “We see new destinations being added, summer airlines expanding their operations and clearer competition between the year-round airlines Gotlandsflyg and NextJet.

“International traffic has had considerable growth thanks to increased capacity given competing traffic from both Helsinki and Oslo. It feels good knowing that the marketing efforts carried out by parts of the tourism sector in Gotland together with Visit Sweden in Norway and in Finland are producing results. It shows that we win by working together with destination marketing,” Mr Jonasson concludes.