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Get help for your fear of flying

2015-06-01, kl. 15:49

All statistics show that flying is by far the safest way to travel. Nonetheless, many people find the experience disturbing, and some find it so distressing that they choose not to fly at all – but there is help available.

This autumn, people who are afraid of flying can attend a course to help them overcome their fear. This is a collaboration between Swedavia Visby Airport and Gotlandsflyg.

The course (held in Swedish) will meet four times at the airport and finish with the class taking a flight together.

Course outline

• Thursday, Sep. 3 6:00-9:00 p.m. Theory: Why should we fly? Safety, time savings and convenience. The history of air travel.

• Thursday, Sep. 10 6:00-9:00 p.m. Theory: Flying step by step. Aerodynamics, planning a flight, weather, weight and balance.

• Thursday, Sep. 17 6:00-9:00 p.m. Theory: How do we prepare for a flight? Fears, anxiety. Mental training, visualisation etc.

• Thursday, Sep. 24 6:00-9:00 p.m. Theory: Airport tour. Visit to the air traffic control tower, meet employees who work at the airport, security screening, and a closer look at an aircraft.

• Thursday, Oct. 1 Flying (lunch/afternoon). Round-trip flight to Bromma Airport with Gotlandsflyg. We will meet the pilots and crew working on board the flight before departure.

The course will be held in the conference facilities at Visby Airport. Price: SEK 1,900/person (max 10 people).

Course instructors

Rune Larsson

Rune Larsson has been a qualified flying instructor since 1988. The same year, he began his career at the airport as a field technician, soon advancing to operations manager. Rune’s tasks include everything from snow removal, reporting and aircraft refuelling to security guard and instructor. Rune is still very active in the aviation club and likes to fly as much as he likes teaching others to fly.

Petter Hejdenberg

Petter has worked at Visby Airport since 2006 and has extensive training to meet all job requirements in apron operations, fire and safety. Peter is also a firefighter. Together with Rune, Petter has been an instructor on two courses so far for people who are afraid of flying and is very keen to help people overcome their fears and get out of their comfort zone.


Call or send an e-mail to sign up. Telephone: 010-1095200 E-mail: info@visbyairport.se