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Air travel increases access to and from Gotland

2013-08-30, kl. 16:11

This autumn, access to and from Gotland will be better than in many years. There are a total of up to 40 daily departures from the island.

The main increase is in service to and from Stockholm Arlanda, where capacity has more than doubled since last year thanks to new flights with Nextjet and Gotlandsflyg. Another new development is that, beginning September 14, there will be two departures to Stockholm Arlanda on Saturdays.

“Thanks to the airlines investing in increased traffic to and from Gotland, we are making our island more accessible to everyone, which in turn could help to increase in-migration. This is a wonderful development for residents, businesses and the tourism sector. The greater capacity contributes to Gotland’s attractiveness,” says Gunnar Jonasson, airport director at Visby Airport.

In addition to Stockholm Arlanda and Bromma Stockholm, passengers can also fly non-stop to Gothenburg, Ängelholm and Malmö from Visby Airport. The number of charter departures is also up – flying non-stop to the sun and heat has become increasingly popular with people living on Gotland.

“This autumn, we have somewhere around 20 departures to attractive Mediterranean destinations in Croatia, Turkey, Crete and Majorca. We have also increased the number of parking spaces in the short-term parking facility that are free of charge to people dropping off or picking up passengers or who want to eat lunch at the airport restaurant,” Mr Jonasson adds.