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Short-term parking and Drop off/pick up

You can park for a maximum of two hours at the short-term parking. It is located right outside the terminal entrance and is useful for drop off and pick up.

  • A fee is charged for parking every day, 00:00-24:00.
  • You can park for a maximum of two hours.
  • The short-term parking and drop off/pick up parking is not bookable in advance.
  • Parking meters are located under the bus shelter.


SEK 15 per half hour started.

Minimum fee: SEK 15.


Pay with coins, credit card, debit card or petrol card. You can also pay via Easypark or Mobill (registration is required).

Easypark charges a fee for the service. The amount depends on which package you choose.

Price information on Easypark's website - in Swedish only (new window)
Easypark website - in Swedish only (new window)

Park and pay by text (SMS) with Mobill (WyWallet is required for this service):

  1. Find out the zone number of the parking facility when you are there.
  2. Text the zone number, a space, and the car licence plate number to 72 460.
  3. The receipt you receive by text gives you more information, and only when you get this receipt is your parking valid.

Along with the price of parking, you pay a service fee to Mobill of 25% of the parking price.

Contact Mobill for more information about the service.

Mobill's website - in Swedish only (new window)


Parking areas at Umeå Airport

P2: Short-term parking area and Drop off/pick up.