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Long-term parking

Choose long-term parking if you are away travelling for longer than one day. Parking places are available both with and without engine heaters.

Long-term parking is located on the left-hand side when you drive into the parking area. This parking cannot be prebooked.

Parking is free for 90 minutes in the long-term parking, after that it is SEK 20 for each hour or part thereof up to the daily amount.

Prices without engine heater

  Day 1-7

 Day 8 and thereafter

  SEK 110 per 
  24 hour period started 

 SEK 50 per
 24 hour period started

Prices with engine heater

  Day 1-7

 Day 8 and thereafter
  SEK 150 per 
  24 hour period started
 SEK 80 per 
 24 hour period started


Drive up to the barrier, insert your car in the entry post to register your parking. The barriers lift up and you then park your car.

Payment takes place when you return from your trip. Use the same card in the exit post to register your payment. Press the round receipt button if you want a receipt.


Phone: +46 (0)10 109 50 06
E-mail: umeaairport@swedavia.se

Map of parking areas at Umeå Airport

P1: Long-term parking area.