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In Luleå the cold mountain water of the Lule River meets the salt water of the sea. This is a place to experience the magnificence of nature, and for magical encounters with the Sami culture.
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Do and see
Central Luleå is small and concentrated in one long street. The city centre offers a wealth of good shops, galleries, restaurants and night clubs, as well as an exciting cultural scene. There are top quality theatres and museums here, but also a lively ”underground” culture which stimulates poets and rock groups such as the Bear Quartet, the most respected ”indie-band” in Sweden.
The church village of Gammelstad and Hägnan
The largest and best preserved church village in Sweden. This unique cultural environment with its medieval church and 408 church cottages was added to Unesco’s world heritage list in 1996. Visitors to the church who have travelled from afar have been staying overnight in the cottages ever since the 16th century. Nederluleå church is richly decorated with, among other things, one of the finest altar screens in the country, dating from the 1520's. Open for visits all year round. Guided tours in the summer. Don’t miss Hägnan – a living historical environment dating back to the 14th century. Visitor Centre:
Wilderness Trekking
The Råne River is Sweden’s largest forest river and along its banks are timbered rest hostels and a wilderness sauna, which makes trekking a more comfortable experience. All ingredients necessary to make up the Norrland experience are here: roaring rapids, huge forests and swampy ground. You can also encounter large animals here – elk, reindeer and bears. Both guided tours and independent adventures.
Teknikens Hus
Teknikens Hus enables visitors to experience Norrbotten in miniature. Daily displays of stars and Northern Lights, family workshops and construction tasks. Perfect for families with children.
There are three slopes and three lift systems as well as an area for children to ski. The slopes are between 350 and 500 metres long and have a drop of about 125 metres. There is a big-jump for snowboarders and there are plans for several smaller jumps. There are restaurants in the area where you can also eat your own packed lunch.
Ormberget’s Outdoor Centre
The slope at Ormberget is a technique and family slope that is particularly good for children and beginners. The view over Luleå is fantastic. There is also a tobogganing slope here along with extensive jogging tracks, adventure trails and a restaurant.
Kulturens hus
A short walk from the city centre to Norra hamnen is Kulturens hus with the city library, art exhibitions, concert halls, multifuninal lobbies spanning over three floors, a café and restaurant. On the top floor you will find Norrbottensmusiken.
Spectacular experiences are on offer both summer and winter around Luleå – driving snow scooters on packed ice, fishing in the archipelago, dog teams under sparkling Northern Lights and encounters with the Sami culture are just a few examples. There are several operators. Creative Adventure is one:
Luleå Airport is situated about ten minutes from the centre. Airport buses to and from the centre are available for most departures to/from Luleå. A shared airport taxi can be arranged in the arrivals hall. Ordinary taxis are to be found at the taxi rank outside the arrivals hall.
Public Transport
In Luleå city centre, most places are within walking distance. Communications in the Norrbotten county are well-developed, a necessity in a region where there are mile after mile of deep forests, rushing rivers and wilderness separating towns and villages from each other. Länstrafiken i Norrbotten AB is the principal provider of all public bus transport in Norrbotten and its routes run between the villages. Web: www.ltnbd.se It is also possible to take the train to Boden and onward to, for example, Kiruna. The railway runs through the county’s forests and pristine mountain scenery all the way to Narvik in Norway. Phone: +46 771 26 00 00
Taxis in Luleå are reliable and use fare meters. It can sometimes be difficult to get hold of a car out on the street, even in the centre. Here are some recommended companies: Luleå Taxi Phone: +46 10 000 6:ans Taxi Phone: +46 66 666 Minicab Phone: +46 25 55 55 Flygtaxi (Airport Taxi) Phone: +46 885 40
Nowadays you can find an postal service points in supermarkets and petrol stations across Sweden where you can buy stamps, send and receive packets.
Apoteket Lejonet is centrally located at Storgatan 44. For out of hours queries you can phone 24 hours a day - 0771-450450 - for the price of a local call.
Country code: +46 Area code: 0920
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